Kim Myungmin Talks About Filming Movie A Day


[photos by Back Sooyeon] Kim Myungmin talks about movie A Day.

On June 7, the team of movie A Day including director Jo Sunho, Kim Myungmin, Byun Yohan, Shin Hyesun, Jo Eunhyung and Yoo Jaemyung gathered at Wangsimin’s CGV for a press conference.

On the stage, Kim Myungmin shared his feelings about filming the upcoming movie: ‘’I never look at the monitor on set so I never know how we are shot or if we’re doing good. I think I looked at the monitor this time for the first time in a year. It’s the first movie I see this year in which it really feel like actor just live and move naturally because we all had the scenario in mind.’’

A Day is a mystery thriller in which a dad wakes up every day two hours before his daughter’s accident and meets another man, different each day, in order to understand what’s happened to his kid. It will hit Korean theaters on June 15.