Kim Junsu’s pre-release song ‘..IS YOU’ Conquers Music Charts


[by Woorim Ahn] Kim Junsu (XIA)’s pre-release song ‘..IS YOU’ swept music charts.

CJeS Entertainment said, “On May 19 at midnight, XIA’s pre-release song ‘..IS YOU’ was disclosed. Currently, the song was placed on high ranks of music charts and proved his popularity. It will be a popular song after ‘How Can I Love You’.”

‘..IS YOU’ is composed by singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung Ah that produced 2NE1’s ‘Hurt’. It is a neo-soul pop song and as XIA’s voice was mixed with Sunwoo Jung Ah’s emotions, they completed a fantastic collaboration song.

Moreover, the pre-release song raised the mass public’s anticipations for his fourth official album ‘XIGNATURE’ and the fans are showing explosive feedbacks.

Meanwhile, XIA’s fourth official album ‘XIGNATURE’ will be out in May. (photo by CJeS Entertainment)