Kim Jung Hyun, “Kim Sejeong is positive and sociable, and serious when acting.” [School 2017]


Actor Kim Jung Hyun, who played Hyeon Taeun in ‘School 2017,’ talked about the drama in a recent interview.

He said, “I’m proud and glad that we finished the drama without getting hurt. It was so hot filming in the mid-summer. We had to stop filming often because there were a lot of cicadas chirring. Then we would stand in the sun and get burnt.”

In ‘School 2017,’ Taeun and Eunho‘s romance was beloved by many viewers. Although Kim Sejeong debuted as an idol, she was very good at portraying her character.

Jung Hyun said, “Sejeong‘s acting was very flexible. She is positive and sociable, so she would enlighten the atmosphere in the set. I could see that she put a lot of thoughts into her acting. I appreciated her for being ambitious and serious, and it was fun.”

Kim Jung Hyun began acting in high school out of curiosity. When he saw his acting teacher’s play, he made his decision to become an actor. Only actors can share their feelings on stage with the audience and experience the lives of others.

He played his first lead role in ‘School 2017.’ He thanked the viewers and said, “One time, I saw a comment left by some parents saying that they were able to spend time with their daughter while watching ‘School 2017.’ There were students who said the drama cheered them up. I got the strength to go forward from the fans. I will return their love by becoming a better actor.”