Kim Jae Won Proves His Tremendous Popularity in China and Japan


[by Woorim Ahn] Actor Kim Jae Won showed off his fame as an original Hallyu star.

Last year, he met Chinese fans through Sohu TV’s show and this year, he decided to appear in two programs in the country to shake Chinese fans’ hearts.

One of the shows ‘Meeting God’ is a program for culture exchange between Korea and China and the show became a hot issue as Lee Joon Ki, Joo Sang Wook, Kwanghee, Haha and others appeared in it.

During filming the show, he went around places in Seoul with his old fan from China and made a special memory for her. In particular, after the filming, the two people’s photos were spread through SNS and raised the mass public’s anticipations.

Moreover, he proved his immutable popularity in Japan as he held a dinner show and fan meeting in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively. He will also meet his fans in the region through various events starting from a dinner show in February.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Won is currently appearing in MBC ‘The Real Story, Eye’ as a MC. (photo by Will Entertainment)