Kim Jae Joong Got Nominated for First Place ‘Music Bank’ Despite His Absence


[by Kim Young Shin] Kim Jae Joong still was a powerful contestant although he is away to serve in the army.

His agency CJeS Entertainment said “Kim Jae Joong was nominated for the first place of KBS ‘Music BanK’. His second official album’s title song ‘Love you more’ which was organized as a gift for fans who will have to wait for him, is competing for the place.”

The title song of his second official album ‘NO.X’ has addicting melody lines complemented with Kim’s strong voice. The 12 tracks from different genres got ardent reactions from his fans soon after its release, in and out of Korea.

Notably, it sold almost 90,000 copies even though it was issued a week ago. Additionally, the album topped iTunes charts of 16 countries.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s second official album ‘NO.X’ is continuing its popularity on and offline. (photo by CJeS Entertainment)