Kim Hyun Joo Shows up in ‘Non-Summit’


[by Woorim Ahn] Actress Kim Hyun Joo appeared in JTBC ‘Non-Summit’.

On the upcoming episode of the program, she showed up and talked about ‘Urban life’. She disclosed that she has dreamed a life living in nature as she enjoys hiking mountains.

Moreover, the members talked about ideal conditions of living. Lucky said, “In my country, the house’s direction is important” about India’s significant condition of a house and Oogi said, “Safety is the best” about in Japan.

The casts also talked about unique living culture in Korea. They discussed about Korea’s apartment cultures and monthly rent policies and pointed them out.

Mark also compared his life in New York and Seoul and suggested a substitute for Kim Hyun Joo, who wants to escape a metropolitan life.

Meanwhile, ‘Non-Summit’ with Kim Hyun Joo will air on August 29. (photo by JTBC)