Kim Hee Chul’s Dating Life of 2017 Is Already Planned


[by Ent Team] Kim Hee Chul’s love life won’t be easy in 2017.

In the episode of Channel A’s ‘Singderella’ that is scheduled to air on December 5, a tarot master appears alongside two of the Korean music world representatives: Kim Hong Gook and trot singer Park Hyun Bin. He told the casts’ good fortune on set.

The most surprising news of the night was the one regarding Kim Hee Chul’s love life. The singer showed his interest in his good fortune by announcing that “The longest I ever dated was three months. And in 2016, I didn’t even do something that resembles dating. I’d like to date in 2017.”

But as the tarot card were read, the result wasn’t what he expected. It read that the idol would date this year, but that the road won’t be smooth.

Other attendants said that Kim would have to be careful every time he meets a woman this year. But the whole experience can be seen in the full episode of Singderella.

Meanwhile, Singderella is a modern show that mixes music with talk and airs every Thursday at 11PM KST. (photo by Channel A)