Kim Gu Ra to Perform His Unexpected Behavior


[by Bae Jung Yun] Kim Gu Ra continued to progress the episode of ‘True Gag Story’ with unlucky, but genius comedians.

He invited Kim Su Yong, Kim Gyeong Min and Shin Hyeon Seop, who have thirty years of experience as a comedian, and disclosed their past affairs.

Shin Hyeon Seop talked about Kim Sook, who is receiving lots of popularity by appearing on the cable variety program with comedian Yoon Jung Soo as an imaginary husband and wife, and it stimulated the viewer’s curiosity.

He said that Kim Sook used to like him before and maybe even likes him until now.

Moreover, he showed his jealousy toward Kim Sook’s imaginary husband Yoon Jun Soo by saying that he is the one who had to become Kim Sook’s imaginary husband and made the staff and Kim Gu Ra to be surprised.

Kim Gu Ra suddenly apologized to his viewers by saying, “I am going to take a one week break!” because the filming did not work well. His unexpected behavior turned the scene upside down.

Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘My Little Television’ airs on March 12 at 11:15pm KST. (photo by MBC)