Kim Greem Releases a New Song ‘Butterfly’


[by Kim Young Shin] Kim Greem will release her new digital single ‘Butterfly’ with featuring by Candle, a rookie rapper.

She worked with Brand New Music, a local hip hop record label for a makeover in her music style. Rhymer, the founder of the label and also a renowned hip hop artist participated in producing her single to support Kim Greem.

The new song ‘Butterfly’ was written and composed by the company’s producer Won Young-heon and Lee Yang-ban. The song is a medium tempo R&B with a sweet melody and lyrics that harmonizes with Kim’s voice.

Candle, the company’s rookie featured in the song with his rap. He was praised among the hip hop lovers for his good look and rap skills in Mnet ‘Show Me the Money4’. He used Kim’s name ‘Greem’, which means drawings in Korean, and his in the rap part to depict the moment a man and a woman fall in love.

An official from the label commented that Kim took a step forward in her music style in this single comparing to her previous songs.

Meanwhile, Kim’s digital single ‘Butterfly’ will be released through major music websites on December 29 at noon. (photo by Nextar Entertainment)