Kim Go Eun – Park So Dam – Mina, Learn The Eye Makeup of Single-eyelid Celebrities


[by Jung Ah Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The beauty standard stating that only those who have big and clear eyes are considered pretty disappeared long time ago.

Recently, comparatively small eyes with no double eyelids have been considered as a charming point. Celebrities with single eyelids are also receiving tremendous popularity now.

One of the difficulties experienced by women who have singe eyelids is ‘eye makeup’ as there is a higher level of difficulty to do it compared to those who have double eyelids. Let’s learn the eye makeup from the representative single-eyelid celebrities, Park So Dam, Kim Go Eun and Mina.

#Kim Go Eun – Natural Eye Makeup

Kim Go Eun, the female lead of the drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ that is popular in both Korea and China, has white and clear skin with a beautiful smile, which are her trademarks.

The actress has oozed her natural and refreshing charms in the drama. In official events, she seldom wears heavy makeup.

In particular, she completes her eye makeup with simply an eye line to emphasize her original charming eyes naturally. She pulls off splendid makeup by adding a point to her lips and skin.

#Park So Dam – Contouring Makeup

Showing her delicate emotional expressions and acting abilities unlike a newbie, Park So Dam is a rising star of the film industry. She has charming oriental eyes with single eyelids.

To play a child role in a movie, she got a haircut and keeps a shortcut hairstyle now. Her small face and neat facial features accentuate her lovely charms.

She always wears natural contouring makeup. Draw an eye line with a shortened tail and apply brown eyeshadow at the upper and lower tip of the eye line to flaunt defined eyes while completing contouring makeup in a natural way.

#Mina – Point Makeup at the Tip of the Eyes

Girl’s Day member Mina possesses smiley eyes. The charms of her long eyes without double eyelids are maximized when she is smiling.

As a girl group member, her makeup is rather heavy. The point of Mina’s eye makeup is a long eye line that completes big and defined eyes.

Together with lavish eyelashes, feminine and enchanting eyes can be displayed.

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