Kim Go Eun-Hyeri-Park Min Young, The One Thing That Actresses Can Not Give Up?


[by Song Eun Ji] Kim Go Eun of the tvN drama ‘Cheese In The Trap’, Hyeri from the tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’, and Park Min Yeong from the SBS drama ‘Remember-War of the Son’ are all actresses that portray attractive faces without elaborate makeup.

Actresses tend to portray natural makeup that almost makes us think that they are portraying a bare face due to the roles they play. Even with minimal makeup, actresses never give up one thing. That is ‘eyelashes’.

What is the reason that actresses do not give up eyelash makeup? Korea’s design cosmetic brand, too cool for school, introduced the charms of long and voluminous eyelashes and the reasons why celebrities cannot give them up.

“Cannot Give This Up!” The Attractive Qualities of Long and Voluminous Lashes?

The first area that people notice when looking at someone is their eyes. Big clear eyes of a woman are one of the main qualities that attract others. The long and voluminous lashes that appear when a female gently closes and opens their eyes act as an element that can accentuate the woman’s femininity.

High rising upward lashes also allow the lining of the eye to become more defined, even without drawing the eye line. This is the reason why there are many, including stars and ordinary females, who claim that they cannot give up eyelash makeup.

Eyelash Makeup, How Do We Do It?

STEP 1 Using An Eyelash Curler, Not A Choice But A Must

too cool for school BLACK EYE LASH CURLER This product is manufactured with an angle that perfectly fits the eye without gaps and can create a natural C-curl without bends.

If you wish to create lashes that rise high upwards toward the sky, do not forget to use a curler. In order to create lashes with a natural C-curl, it is good to curl the lashes from the roots to the tip in three divided parts in a light pressing motion.

At this stage, if too much strength is put on the curler, your lashes may bend in an unnatural way so it is good to be careful. In addition, the angle must be considered as well. Holding the elbow 90 degrees upward while using the curler can allow for natural C-curl eyelashes.

STEP 2 Mascara, Don’t Miss The Hidden Areas

01 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara This product is a moving mascara product that can create a 3 step transformation using the dials that control the curve. The all-in-one formula that is effective in all functions including curling and long-lash, volume, and setting and the fine and smooth tail-like brush allows for the portrayal of a defined eye line even without drawing it, caring for the hidden lashes in the front and tail of the eyes as well. 02 Check Hot Girl Lash This product is a color mascara product that is available in colors including Plum Burgundy, Royal Blue, and Nut Brown, allowing for unique eyelash makeup. The neat curling nut brush allows for unique eyelash makeup without clumping and adds volume to the lashes through its smooth and moist cream-like texture._All too cool for schoolproducts.

If you have curled your lashes using a curler, the next stage is to add volume and define the lashes using a mascara. Generally, mascara products are divided into 4 types, ‘Curling’ mascara that allows downward facing lashes to rise, ‘Setting’ mascara that sets curled lashes in place, ‘Long-lash’ mascara that contains fiber components that allow for lash extension, and ‘Volume’ mascara that allows the lashes to appear voluminous.

It is good to consider the concerns you have about your lashes when choosing the appropriate mascara type to use. Using an all-in-one mascara that contains all four functions is also a good method. In addition, make sure to check the brush that can help maximize the effects of the mascara product.

In order to create a defined eye line, it is important to care for all your lashes, including the ones in the front and end of the eye line. However, it is true that normal mascara brushes make it hard to care for all the hidden lashes in these areas. Using the dials in a moving mascara can easily allow even beginners to have perfect coverage of the hidden lashes, as well as under lashes.

If you wish to portray unique eyelash makeup, take notice of color mascara products. Try adding a key point to your lashes by using a unique and deep color such as Plum Burgundy or Royal Blue. Using the Nut Brown colored mascara can create a natural eyelash makeup.

(photo by too cool for school, tvN drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ‘Reply 1988’, SBS drama ‘Remember- War of the Son’ program captures, bntnews DB)