Kim Dong Jun Releases His First Solo Track


[by Woorim Ahn] ZE:A J’s member Kim Dong Jun will release his first solo song.

On May 3, his agency Star Empire said, “ZE:A J’s solo project will be wrapped up by disclosing Kim Dong Jun’s solo song after Kevin and Jung Hee Chul.”

Previously, ZE:A J rearranged the group as Ha Min Woo and Kim Tae Heon joined the army and released Japanese album ‘Just Tonight’ on April 20. In particular, the album’s solo songs are produced in both Japanese and Korean versions for Korean fans.

Kim Dong Jun’s new song ‘Healing’ is a slow jam style song that was written by him. The mass public can see his matured voice through the song containing his thankful messages for fans.

He said, “It’s such an honor for me. Since I received much love from the fans, I could get a chance to work on my solo song. I want my fans heal themselves by listening to this song with beautiful melodies and lyrics.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Jun’s ‘Healing’ will be available on May 3 at noon. (photo by Star Empire)