Ki Tae Young Surprises His Family with Surprise Events


[by Woorim Ahn] Ki Tae Young prepared a sweet surprise event for Eugene and Ro Hee.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Superman Returns’, 125th episode ‘Two is better than one’ will be aired. Among the scenes, Ki Tae Young had various special events for his family and showed off his romantic sides.

To celebrate Eugene’s birthday, Ki Tae Young prepared a scuba diving event. He went into the sea with a placard saying, ‘Oh my fairies Eugene-Ro Hee. I love you’ in secret and made Eugene show her tears.

But then, Ro Hee couldn’t recognize her father’s face in the water and she started looking for Ki Tae Young, and this made everyone laugh.

Moreover, he kept making various relay events and made her touched. So, the mass public is curious about the finale of Eugene’s birthday.

Meanwhile, 125th episode of ‘Superman Returns’ will air on April 10. (photo by KBS)