Seungri Demonstrates his Full Power of Jiu-jitsu on Taeyang via ‘I Live Alone’


[by Ent Team] Big Bang’s Seungri shows his terrifying jiu-jitsu skills by grabbing his hyeong Taeyang.

On the 25th, ‘I Live Alone’ revealed 3 pictures of Seungri’s hidden jiu-jitsu abilities.

First there are exciting omok matches between Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri, and YG dance leader Lee Jae Wook as it is the game that Big Bang often plays in their waiting room.

Amongst the matches Seungri was fantastic, surprising everyone with just a few plays. Daesung expressed his awe “Ya~ I’ve never seen that before!” Thus as a penalty, Seungri who defeated Taeyang, demonstrated Jiu-jitsu on him.

In order to show off his Jiu-jitsu skills, Seungri changed into his uniform. He showed off his favorite skill the ‘berimbelo’ but he boasted of his medalist skills as he oppressed Taeyang with his nimble movements. As expected, Taeyang stood out. As he was caught in a chokehold in a flash by Seungri, he instantly was red and let out a shriek, causing everyone to laugh.

Daesung started provoking him saying, “That’s a hug~”, “It’s a bit like physical affection?” Seungri attacked Taeyang but Daesung annoyed him even more, “He’s clenching his teeth!” Seungri’s rowdy Jiu-jitsu demonstration is highly anticipated.

You can check out Big Bang’s omok contest and Jiu-jitsu medalist Seungri’s ghastly ‘berimbolo’ demonstration on today’s (25th) broadcast of MBC ‘I Live Alone’. (photo by MBC)