Kang Sora turns herself completely into Lee Eunjo [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]


Kang Sora is receiving positive comments about her acting skills in KBS new drama ‘My Lawyer, Mr. Joe’. She is doing a very good job in making Lee Eunjo an attractive character.

To explain further about Lee Eunjo, she is an elite lawyer who works for Geumsan, the best law firm in the country. She is intelligent but she is also a simpleton in everyday life.

In the last episode, Lee Eunjo fell down while running in heels. This hilarious scene probably made you laugh.

However, she can be very passionate when it comes to demonstrating justice. She does everything to protect her clients.

There is no doubt that she will become more mature after going through many hardships in the future. And, this is probably one of the key points in the drama.

[My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

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