Kang Ho Dong Tries to Win the Heart of His Dog


[by Kim Young Shin] In JTBC ‘Mari and I’ Kang Ho Dong will echo his words over and over.

On the upcoming episode, Kang will try to get an answer from Stone, the dog he takes care of, to the question “Who wants this?”

To hear an answer from the dog, Kang followed it around and continuously asked the question. However, Stone remained silent.

Kang tried to open Stone’s heart by maintaining the high-pitched voice, walking the dog and preparing a spa with rose petals. The dog enjoyed its time in the spa but still did not want to answer him.

On the other hand, iKON Jinhwan and Hanbin tried close interaction with their rabbit Beige. Hanbin tried to get a kiss by holding dried leaves with his lips. Jinhwan also held a carrot with his mouth. They were encouraged by the rabbit’s reaction and used a strawberry, which is the animal’s favorite food.

Meanwhile, the animals’ response to their caregiver will air on February 3 at 10:50pm KST. (photo by JTBC)

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