Kang Ho Dong, iKON Jinhwan and Hanbin to Form iDONG in ‘Mari and I’


[by Kim Young Shin] In JTBC variety show ‘Mari and I’, Kang Ho Dong, iKON Jinhwan and Hanbin got together to make a new team.

On the upcoming episode, the three guys will overcome their age gap and establish a new group.

Previously, Kang and Hanbin’s Fool Duo entertained the viewers with its witty dialogue.

With new member Jinhwan, the trio named itself iDONG after group name of Jinhwan and Hanbin. ‘Mari and I’ iDONG members brought laughter to the studio with the perfect team work.

Three members of iDONG took care of the middle-aged dog couple Cookie and Cream, who spent eight years together, and three kittens. Upon the request of their client, they wrote congratulatory poems for the dogs’ silver wedding ceremony. Their writing, which began light-heartedly, gradually turned into a fierce competition. Kang reflected his years of experience into the poem to create corny jokes. Hanbin applied rap making skills to make hip hop rhymes in his piece and Jinhwan, the lover of ‘Mari and I’, put much affection into his work.

On the other hand, Shim Hyung Tak will have difficulty looking after Bengal cat Ilgoo.

Moreover, the result of ‘Adoption Project for the Kittens’ will air on February 24 at 9:30pm KST in the 11th episode of ‘Mari and I’. (photo by JTBC)

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