Kang Dong-won, Lee Byung-hun and Kim Woo-bin in the upcoming movie Master


Director of Cold Eye, Jo Ui-seok’s newest project Master, will star Kang Dong-won, Lee Byun-hun, Kim Woo-bin. The three stars of the Korean movie world teaming up, is sure to draw attention. Master is being directed by Jo Ui-seok, produced by Zip Cinema, and distributed by CJ Entertainment and Opus Pictures.

The movie Master is about the biggest fraud cast since the founding of the country and the following investigation by the white-collar crimes investigation unit. They must use their brains to get inside the head of the rare con-man they are pursuing, in this crime-action movie.

The 2013 movie Cold Eyes was a refined movie with high production values. It was a massive hit with viewers and critics alike, selling 5.5 million tickets. It was director Jo Ui-seok second crime action movie.

Kang Dong-won is most recently famous for his role in The Priests, which recently surpassed 5 million ticket sales, as Deacon Choi. In the upcoming film Master, he plays Kim Jae-myeong, the team lead on the white-collar crimes investigation team trying to track down a con artist.

In an airtight operation, he leads the investigation with his strong charisma. He recklessly forges on, as they pursue their target, taking bold actions. This is Kang Dong-won’s first time playing a detective as he takes on the role of Kim Jae-myeong.
Lee Byung-hun plays Chairman Jin, who through, thorough plans and a fast tongue, is the perfect networker for the largest scale fraud ever. This is the first time that Kang Dong-won and Lee Byung-hun have teamed up for a film.

Lee Byung-hun once again shows off his tremendous acting abilities, with his explosive energy and intense charisma, as he plays opposite Kang Dong-won in a fierce conflict.


Director Jo Ui-seok’s new movie stars Kang Dong-won, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Woo-bin, working together for the first time in the movie Master, which will begin filming in the first half of 2016.

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