Jung Yumi to Become the Face of Benefit


[by Woorim Ahn] Actress Jung Yumi became the muse of San Francisco Makeup brand Benefit.

As she acted a lovely character in dramas ‘I Need Romance’, ‘Discovery of Love’ and others, she earned the title of ‘Romance Queen’ and became a wannabe star among many women. Benefit said, “We thought we would make more lovely and healthy image with Jung Yumi” and revealed the reason why the brand chose Jung Yumi as its model.

She will start her activities as the brand’s model from her pictorial for the brand’s signature item ChaCha Tint. The product ranked first on the brand’s sales and its cherry mango color continues the reputation of the original coral tint.

Meanwhile, Jung Yumi recently drew a love story with Jung Woo in movie ‘The Himalayas’. (photo by Benefit)

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