Jung Joori is back with such a presence [Happy Together]


Comedienne Jung Joori is back on screen after pregnancy.

Today’s “Happy Together” features Lee Seongmin, Lee Huijun, Kim Nayoung and Jung Joori. More specifically, comedienne Joori is back on screen after her pregnancy. She says, “Seeing Narae, Doyeon, Gukju and my other close comedienne friends becoming so popular, I had a lot on my mind. Narae is well known for making face pranks. But I want to tell you that it was me who started it.”

Then, Joori talks about her child. She says while showing a photo of her son for the first time on TV, “He looks just like me. My husband seems a little upset about it.”

Although it is Joori’s first time to be on a talk show after a long break, she is totally back with a good sense of humor.

[Happy Together]

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