Jung Il Woo to Return to the Small Screen


[by Kim Young Shin] Actor Jung Il Woo will star in a new drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’ (working title).

On January 22, his agency HB Entertainment said, “Jung Il Woo decided to feature in drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’ which will be pre-produced.” Jung was absent from television for 15 months after his appearance in ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’.

The new drama is based on a book with the same title. It is a romance of 20-year-old heroine Eun Ha Won and three cousins that are heir to a conglomerate. The story begins where she becomes a new housemate to the three guys who lives in a mansion.

In the drama, Jung plays a man who became a member of top one percent conglomerate family from an impoverished family. He is a lonely and ferocious rebel who looks wild outside but is mild inside.

Jung said, “I am excited to be back with a Korean drama after a long break. I’ll do my best for acting. I handpicked the drama so I could satisfy my fans who waited for me. Please look forward to it.”

His fans are anticipating for his charms in the new drama as he is famous for his good performance in romantic comedy genre.

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo will play the male lead in the drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’ which will premiere in the first half of 2016. (photo by HB Entertainment)

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