Jung Hyung Don Finally Comes Back with ‘Weekly Idol’


[by Woorim Ahn] Jung Hyung Don will resume his activities with MBC every1 ‘Weekly Idol’.

According to the program’s official, Jung Hyung Don announced to make comeback after a year hiatus from October 5.

The show said, “Since Jung Hyung Don played the huge role in making the show popular, he had special love and responsibility for it, so he could make a comeback through this show” and revealed that it was a decision after a deep consideration.

Moreover, the staff promised to give lots of laughter with efforts with him and asked the audiences for love. Thus, Kim Hee Chul and Hani that were substitutes for Jung Hyun Don will leave the show right before he comes back.

Meanwhile, Jung Hyung Don’s comeback show on ‘Weekly Idol’ will air on October 5. (photo by MBC every1)

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