Jung Eun JiXSon Na EunXPark Cho Rong, Airport Fashion Analysis


[by Kim Min Soo] Fashionable girl group Apink appeared at the airport. They headed to Los Angeles to attend K-pop festival, ‘Korea Times Music Festival’ on April 27 at LA Hollywood Bowl.

It is no exaggeration to say that the airport fashion of the girl groups leads the fashion trends. Especially girl group like Apink becomes a hot topic with their ‘wannabe style’ and become a center of attention as soon as they show up at the airport.

All six members showed off their unique style and caught our eyes with their gorgeous looks but we examined closely at the styling of Jung Eun Ji, Son Na Eun, Park Cho Rong.

#Jung Eun Ji

Jung Eun Ji is loved for her singing talent as well as her extraordinary acting skills. She completed her airport fashion in sophisticated mannish look while wearing a white inner and navy suits. She added a modern detail with a square detailed bag.

[Editor Pick] If you want to show off the essence of chic fashion, we suggest a mannish look. When you want to appeal some sexiness, try using a blouse instead of a white inner. The feminine beauty of the silk material and the gender neutral atmosphere will make you enjoy mannish charm.

#Son Na Eun

Member Son Na Eun who caught eyes with all black look showed off her superior beauty. She was able to make her flawless body line shine with simple t-shirts and leggings. Also the item she chose for the airport fashion was a rider’s jacket. She completed her look by throwing the jacket over her shoulders very casually.

[Editor Pick] Along with the all black look, the rider’s jacket is popular because it is practical as a daily look item and can be used for chic and casual coordination. Choose a simplest design and match it with the basic t-shirt and jeans to create a stylish look without a hassle.

#Park Cho Rong

On the other hand, member Park Cho Rong attracted attention with her smooth legs. She exude femininity with her long hair and completed her look with a white blouse and a denim hot pants with fringe details.

[Editor Pick] The Blouse and hot pants worn by Park Cho Rong are the best compatibility and sexy items for women. Especially if you add a flower pattern to your blouse, you will be able to create a trendy yet lovely look. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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