Jun Hyo Seong to Unveil Her Teaser Image


[by Bae Jung Yun] Jun Hyo Sung’s first teaser image was disclosed with surprise.

On March 11, her specific comeback schedule along with her teaser image was disclosed on Secret’s official website. Starting with disclosing her moving teaser on March 15, she will continue to disclose her music video teaser image on March 18, album cover image on March 21, music video trailer on March 23 and make her official comeback with the second solo mini album on March 28. The showcase will be held simultaneously with the album release and broadcasted live through the Naver V app channel.

She looks like a ‘Spring Goddess’ from the unveiled picture. Her slightly exposed shoulder line and beautiful legs with white skin added up her elegant charm. The image of her sitting in the middle of the flowers and staring at one place with her pure and shining gaze aroused the mysterious atmosphere of the scene.

The curiosity about the picture of forget-me-not flower posted on her Instagram was resolved. The date of March 28 was representing forget-me-not flower and it was also an exact date of her comeback.

Meanwhile, girl group Secret’s leader Jun Hyo Seong will make her comeback on March 28. (photo by TS Entertainment)

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