Jo Yoon Hee is the new main MC of ‘Happy Together 4’


Actress Jo Yoon Hee will join the new season of ‘Happy Together’ in December!

Actress Jo Yoon Hee will join the new season of \'Happy Together\' in December!

Jo Yoon Hee will participate in the recording of ‘Happy Together 4’ on December 8 for the first time.

‘Happy Together’ went through an update with season 4 and has been inviting special MCs to each episode in addition to the fixed MCs Yu Jaesuk, Jeon Hyun Moo and Cho Saeho. Now, instead of having special MCs, Jo Yoon Hee will be one of the main MCs.

Jo Yoon Hee married actor Lee Donggun last year and gave birth to a daughter in December.

[Image source: Kingkong by Starship]