Jo Kwon Dropped Three Teasers for His New EP ‘Crosswalk’


[by Woorim Ahn] Jo Kwon disclosed the teaser image of his new song ‘Crosswalk’.

On February 8 at midnight, his agency JYP Entertainment released three teaser photos of his new digital single ‘Crosswalk’ through its official SNS.

A total of three teaser images were disclosed in consecutive orders starting from the first one written ‘I’m afraid that you might leave’. In particular, the phrases such as ‘I’m afraid that you left’, ‘I’m afraid that you disappeared’ and Jo Kwon’s sad eyes delivered sadder emotions to the mass public.

New song ‘Crosswalk’ is the first one that the artist participated in writing lyrics. The song can see his more matured musical sentiments and ability in writing lyrics and this raised the audiences’ anticipations for his side as a ballader.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon’s ‘Crosswalk’ will be released on February 15 at midnight. (photo by JYP Entertainment)