Jessica to Release Her First Mini Album


[by Woorim Ahn] Jessica will release her mini album ‘With Love, J’.

On May 9, her agency Coridel Entertainment disclosed Jessica’s mini album’s main image through its official website and announced that the album will be released on May 17 at midnight.

In the main photo, Jessica’s side face is contained with the album title ‘With Love, J’. Her beautiful side face and flowers along her long hair made a mysterious mood to arouse the mass public’s curiosity regarding the upcoming album.

Particularly, Jessica participated in more than half of her new songs as a lyricist and composer including her title song ‘Fly’, so the fans are paying attention to her activities as a singer-songwriter.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s first mini album ‘With Love, J’ started pre-sale on May 9 and it will be officially out on May 17 at midnight. (photo by Coridel Entertainment)