Jessi Moved to Tears on ‘Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator’


[by Bae Jung Yun] ‘A Dish Requested by Mother’ competition will be presented on the ‘Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator’, the episode of Jessi.

A musician, Jessi appeared in the 71th episode and disclosed her refrigerator. Video of her mother specially appeared in the program. From the video, Jessi’s mother revealed her love toward cannot be personally cared daughter and asked chefs to take care of Jessi’s refrigerator.

She seemed surprised by the unexpected appearance of her mother and eventually her eyes filled with tears and revealed her appreciation toward her mom. Oh Se Deuk and Sam Kim competed against each other to comply with the request of Jessi’s mom. Sam Kim participated in cooking with his unique look, which was different than his usual look and it made people burst into laughter. After tasting two completed dishes, Jessi used a special method to announce the winner of the competition.

Meanwhile, the scene of two chefs making a dish requested by Jessi’s mother airs on March 21 at 9:30pm KST on JTBC ‘Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator’. (photo by JTBC)