Jang Na Ra Shows Off Her Beauty in ‘One More Happy Ending’


[by Bae Jung Yun] Jang Na Ra, who took the role of Han Mi Mo, titled as a worst wedding guest in MBC Mini-series ‘One More Happy Ending’.

On February 3, the photos of Jang Na Ra in a maid-of-honor outfit was revealed. In the picture, she is showing off her beauty along with Yoo In Na and Yoo Da In and dragged people’s attention.

From the fifth episode of ‘One More Happy Ending’, previous girl group ‘Angels’ member Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra), Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) and Da Jeong (Yoo Da In) gathered to celebrate Ae Ran’s (Seo In Young) wedding. Ae ran finally wore her wedding dress after wandering about marriage decision, but she seemed unpleasant and it added viewer’s curiousity.

Moreover, the love triangle romance among Mi Mo, Su Hyeok (Jeong Kyung Ho) and Hae Jun (Kwon Yul) had begun in earnest on the fifth episode. It will show the process of Mi Mo lively finding her new love.

‘One More Happy Ending’ is about first girl group generation women in their thirties and men whom start to fall in love again after tangled up with those women. The heroic, cheerful and delightful sparkling romantic comedy about divorced single, single dad with confusing identity, single woman who has never been in a romantic relationship and married couple with impossible recovery are challenging for love to ‘become happy once again’.

Meanwhile, it will be aired on February 3 at 10pm KST. (photo by MBC)

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