Jang Hyun-seung eventually apologize his impetuous withdrawal!


A Korean singer Jang Hyun-seung just confessed his mind first after he left his team, ‘Beast’.

He posted a long letter on his SNS, saying “I got to know how my selfish and thoughtless behavior greatly hurt my fans. I really want to apologize for my late action and wrong behavior in the past.” He seceded from ‘Beast’ last April and he showed many insincere attitude in that process. He was even absent from fan meeting. He said “My debut after 5-year of training period, I was so happy that I achieved my dream. On the other hand, there was unexpected inconvenience and my own inexhaustible musical desire. I was lack of understanding group activity and teamwork while being stubborn about my wants. In this process, I built a huge wall against other members and I chose to grow away from them.” He added some words “I lost my own control and began to show regretful behaviors.” He frankly confessed his mind and apologized to his fans repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Jang Hyun-seung released digital single ‘Home’.

[Image Source : Cube Entertainment]