Jaeseong to tell Yerin how he feels [A Tale of Two Sisters]


Taejun’s heart transplant surgery is stopped. Jeonghyo and Seyeong are devastated. Yerin comforts Seyeong and Yerin and Seyeong come home. Seyeong and Jeonghyo rush with the wedding for Taejun’s sake. Jaeseong tells Yerin how he feels. Juhui sleeps next to her daughters the night before Seyeong’s wedding. Seyeong heads to her wedding with Yerin.

Taejun would be in danger if he doesn’t receive a heart transplant right away, and he was only barely brought back to life with emergency treatment. Yerin and Seyeong get into an accident on their way to the wedding where Yerin saves Seyeong’s life. The families worry over Seyeong and Yerin and Juhui refuses to let her daughter go.

[A Tale of Two Sisters] – Encore Drama