It’s a love square already! Friends or rivals? [Girls’ Generation 1979]


A stunningly beautiful girl from Seoul, Hyeju, makes Jeonghui jealous!

Hyeju steals the hearts of two guys at once. Yeongchun takes Hyeju by surprise by hugging her from behind. Hyeju looks startled while Yeongchun looks quite nervous. In episode 1, the two met for the first time. Yeongchun helped out carrying the luggage, and Hyeju is a professor’s daughter who just moved from Seoul.

Then again, in another occasion, Son Jin is holding a bouquet of flowers and Hyeju seems to be turning away from him. Is she rejecting Jin’s confession? Son Jin, a handsome school president, is the idol of all girls in Daegu. Why would she reject him? Son Jin is Jeonghui‘s crush, so how is Jeonghui going to react to this?

[Girls’ Generation 1979]

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