Introducing Leaders of “OTRE” Girl Groups: Saerom and Eunbi


It has never been easy for any K-pop agency to put its girl group on top of one the most competitive industries.

But “Off The Record Entertainment” already has two great active girl groups: “fromis_9” and “IZ*ONE.”

And each group is lead by its eldest member: Saerom and Eunbi.

fromis_9 was formed through the 2017 show “Idol School” on Mnet.

Lee Saerom, born on January 7 in 1997, is the eldest among the nine members.

Saerom played “young Ahri” on KBS drama “Ad Genius Lee Taebaek” back in 2013. The grown-up “Ahri” was played by Han Chaeyoung.

IZ*ONE was formed through the 2018 show “PRODUCE 48” on Mnet.

Born on Septeber 27 in 1995, Kwon Eunbi is the eldest among twelve members of nine Koreans and three Japanese nationals.

Eunbi debuted in 2014 as a member of a girl group “Ye-A” but she had to leave the team and joined “Woollim Entertainment” as a trainee.

Both are famous for their highly trained dancing skills and transformational leadership in leading a group of young artists with many fans who voted for them during the shows on Mnet.

They value intimate bonds among the teammates. They let their younger teammates tease them and even do “aegyo” for them.

We look forward to seeing them more often on KBS WORLD.