Interview with VIXX’s Hyuk at the Seize It to Live press preview event


On December the 28th in Jayang-dong Gwangjin-gu Seoul, at Lotte Cinema by the main gate of Konkuk University, the press release event for Seize It to Live was held.

At the event the staring cast including Kim Seung-woo, Kim Jung-tae, Han Sang-hyuk of VIXX, Shin Kang-woo, Kim Min-gyoo, and Moon Yong-suk, along with director Oh in-cheon were all in attendance.

Kim Seung-woo plays a successful CEO named Seungju, and Kim Jung-tae plays an unsuccessful homicide detective similarly name Jung-taek. In the action comedy, four fearless and handsome high school students steal something important.

Boyband VIXX’s Hyuk AKA actor Han Sang-hyuk, takes of the role of Won Tae, the leader of the rebellion filled group of four handsome high school students. “This is my first time seeing myself on screen with a lot of people at a release event like this. I feel like I’m getting my homework checked. The interesting thing is that after watching the preview my worry level changes depending on people’s impression of it.” He revealed.

“I did it in front of the screen, but I haven’t yet seen it on the big screen. I both worried and looked forward to this a lot. After seeing it, I can say I fee relieved, and I can also think a lot about what I should do going forward.” He added.

About preparing for his appearance on the big and small screens the idol Han Sanghyuk said, “When I was first trying out the new genres, I learned a lot from my seniors and friends.” “I hope that I show everyone who watches the best performance I can. I easily fell into the role of my character Won Tae, and made great efforts in the acting.” He said with a smile.


Veteran actor Kim Jung-tae said about Han Sang-hyuks clothing “He puts a lot of preparation into the fine details of his see-through look.” as a joke. But Han Sang-hyuk said “Yesterday I was at a year end performance, so wearing something see-through is not too strange.” He responded throwing his fellow actor a smile.

When asked what the most memorable scene in Seize It to Live is, he responded “When the two senior actors and other friends totaling six people met, Young-suk gave me his wallet wouldn’t give his cell phone from his bag, so I try pulling it from him.”

In closing Han Sang-hyuk said “The gang of four young high school students and the two senior actors each have unconventional chemistry in their groups.” “This is my first production where I am debuting using my full name Han Sang-hyuk. Seeing it just now and it reminds me of a lot of parts. I will work hard to become an actor you all continue to look forward to seeing in the future.” He said.

Seize It To Live will be released January 7th.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Choi Eun-hee

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