INFINITE’s Dongwoo to make solo debut on March 4


INFINITE‘s rapper Dongwoo will release his first solo album next month, according to Woollim Entertainment.

The last time he launched a solo track was in 2016, though it was a digital single. He has been featured in SungkyuWoohyun, and Nicole’s albums, but this will be his official solo debut album.

Previously, Dongwoo applied for the conscripted policeman exam on February 14 for his enlistment. This solo comeback will likely be his last activity before his enlistment.

A staff of Woollim said, “Dongwoo has been working on his solo album for more than a year since last year. It took a long time to make a high-quality album. He finished shooting the music video recently and is finishing up the album right now.”

[Image source: Woollim Entertainment]