Infinite Drops Sungkyu’s Teaser Image


[by Woorim Ahn] Infinite’s first teaser image became a hot issue.

On September 5 at midnight, the group’s agency Woollim Entertainment disclosed Sungkyu’s close-up image through the group’s official website.

In the photo, Sungkyu looked at the empty place in front of white linen flying in the air. Unlike what the group has shown strong and manly charisma, Sungkyu is showing a sad face.

Particularly, a special event is prepared as the teaser pictures are produced as puzzles. 32 given pieces should be collected to see a complete teasing photo, so it doubled up the fans’ curiosity for the comeback photos.

Meanwhile, Infinite will release new album ‘INFINITE ONLY’ on September 19. (photo by Woollim Entertainment)