Im Soohyang, Shin Hyeseon and An Uyeon, in a love triangle [Five Enough]


In this week’s ‘Five Enough‘, a love triangle between Im Soohyang, Shin Hyeseon and An Uyeon will begin in earnest. Their strive for love could represent young people’s sweet romance.

Lee Yeontae (Shin Hyeseon) and Kim Taemin (An Uyeon) went to university together and they have been friends for seven years. But, for Yeontae, Taemin is not just a friend.

Jang Jinju (Im Soohyang) gets in between these two. Her beauty catches Taemin‘s attention, which is something Yeontae does not welcome. Watching Jinju and Taemin closely, Yeontae cannot hide her uneasy feelings.

From the last episode, Jinju and Taemin meet each other for the first time. As Jinju loses her balance and is about to fall, Taemin catches her softly. At this moment, they look at each other without a word, which suggests that they fall in love at first sight.

What would happen between the three? Who would earn their love?

[Five Enough]

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