iKON to Bring a Single ‘What You Doing’


[by Woorim Ahn] iKON will be back this year.

On May 27, YG Entertainment (YG) disclosed a teaser poster announcing that iKON will release ‘What You Doing’ three days later on May 30 through its official blog.

It is the agency’s first time to reveal the artist and song’s title three days before. It’s more like a surprise rather than announcement.

Regarding this, YG said, “’What You Doing?’ will make a hit like ‘My Type’. Currently, YG is preparing for iKON and BOBBY’s album at the same time. Since the group will be in China during May, the song will be like a surprise present for fans.”

It continued, “We are not considering making activities with the song, but iKON and BOBBY’s albums will be out in June.”

Meanwhile, iKON is filming Chinese audition program ‘The Remix’. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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