‘Idol King’ BTS VS ‘Idol Queen’ TWICE, the month of trendols’ comeback!


BTS is aiming to make a comeback on February 13th. In the following week, TWICE will be releasing a new album on the 20th. Last year was a year for both BTS and TWICE. They are indeed the ‘global trend idols.‘ Domestic and international fans are looking forward to their next albums.

‘Idol King’ BTS, will they be on fire this time, too?

BTS has released the first glimpse at their comeback album ‘WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE.’ The release is a follow-up to the group’s hit album ‘WINGS’ from last October.

Will their new album be a big hit again?

‘Idol Queen’ TWICE, will they cause another huge stir?

World-famous girl group TWICE is set for a comeback with a new album. Last year, the group’s ‘TT’ generated more than 125 million views on the group’s official YouTube page. As their last album was successful, expectations are high for this album.

Let’s look forward to BTS and TWICE setting another record soon!

[Image source: Big Hit & JYP Entertainment]