‘I Too Am a Ceo’ Gong Hyung Jin, “Looks Like Kang Hodong”…Admiration Towards CEO

[by Ent Team] Gong Hyung Jin meets the doppelganger of Kang Hodong.
On July 12th’s broadcast of JTBC ‘I am also CEO’ , MC Park Suhong, Gong Hyungjin,  Han Eun Jung, Heojin rolled up their sleeves to help the 6th CEO of Ulsan.
The sixth CEO Jo Jung Hee owns a chicken restaurant. ‘I Too Am a CEO’ was a great thought but she was in the early stages of opening the shop and was a ‘super mom’ raising two kids with no prior knowledge to running her own business.
In the recent recording, Gong Hyung Jin said in admiration, “Jo Jung Hee shi is the spitting image of entertainer Kang Hodong, making everyone around him laugh. The CEO who isn’t just for looks but cleaned the building and even scraped the paint off, as she did everything on her own, everyone discovered the truth that she is a ‘strong woman’ and were touched by her.
In order to help that type of CEO, the MC army went here and there even in the smoldering heat to promote the store. In addition, on the day of the opening ceremony, the four people found a high school wrestling match and went up to the sandbox themselves to have a food sampling event, showing a hot passion that was as hot as the summer heat.
Meanwhile, Ulsan ‘strong woman’ CEO’s touching story can be met through JTBC’s broadcast ‘I Too Am CEO’ today (12th) at 6:30pm. (photo by JTBC)
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