I.O.I to Make Comeback on October 17


[by Woorim Ahn] I.O.I announced to make comeback.

On October 14, the group disclosed a teaser video through its official channels and caught the mass public’s attention. Previously, it released first and second teaser images and aroused the fans’ curiosity to the max.

The teaser video of ‘Very Very Very’ showed the 11 members’ charms and they depicted wat they normally do in free time. The title song ‘Very Very Very’ is produced by JYP’s executive producer Park Jin Young and it is the fastest song that he has ever made.

The group’s second mini album ‘miss me?’ is a question for fans whether the fans missed all the group members or not. It depicted a meaning that I.O.I wants to be remembered for a long time.

Meanwhile, I.O.I will release its mini album ‘miss me?’ on October 17 at midnight. (photo by YMC Entertainment)

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