Hyomin’s Second Still Cut Has Unveiled!


[by Bae Jung Yun] Hyomin disclosed the second still cut of her album ‘SKETCH’.

The second teaser image following by the first one attracted people by displaying her appearance from behind, which is wet with water.

The teaser image shows off her new charm that is different from the first one disclosed on February 29. She demonstrated her reversal attraction by delivering her intensed sexiness with her tangled hair and scarcely see-through clothes and releasing her dreamy eyes.

Particularly, the last part of her first teaser video noticed her comeback by amplifying viewer’s curiosity and expectation for the next teaser.

Producers from globally famous producing teams such as Ryan Jhun who produced the album of EXO, Red Velvet and SHINee and DQ and August Rigo whom composed the album of Justin Bieber and Beyonce, were participated in her upcoming album and increased people’s expectations.

Meanwhile, Hyomin displayed herself as a singer-song writer by including two of her own music in the album. Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST wrote the lyrics and increased the album’s completeness and captured people’s attention. (photo by MBK Entertainment)

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