HYESEONG, “BOGUM is the SWEETEST boy ever!” [Happy Together]


‘Happy Together’ invites Hyeseong, ladyJane, You Soyoung, Sun Woosun and Jeong Daeun tonight. Jeong Hyeseong who is playing a lovely princess for ‘Love in the Moonlight’ proves how sweet Park Bogum is in real life.

More specifically, Hyeseong talks about some behind-the-scenes episodes. As she is acting asPrince Yeong‘s younger sister, she gets to stay close to Park Bogum.

According to Hyeseong, due to her heavy makeup, he tries to be very considerate of her feelings all the time.

She says, “Bogum is very considerate. I am actually older than him but he is like an older brother to me. Since the makeup I have to wear for the role is very uncomfortable, he is always willing to do everything for me.”

Don’t miss out on what Hyeseong tells us about Bogum!

[Happy Together]

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