Hwang Chi Yeul to Disclose His Way to Work


[by Bae Jung Yun] Hwang Chi Yeul unveiled his way to film Chinese version of ‘I Am a Singer’ through NAVER V App.

On April 8 at 1:40pm KST, he talked about his feeling before his last filming of ‘I Am a Singer Season 4’ through NAVER V App live broadcast.

He said, “I never thought I could survive until the last competition. It is very amazing and I think it is a miracle. I honestly have bittersweet feeling when I think this is my last performance.”

Continuously, he revealed his thankful mind for Gummy and gave a notice of the duet stage with her. He said, “I am so happy that I can sing together with Gummy. I feel thankful and reassured because she will do a duet with me even today is her birthday.”

He also talked about a hidden story about his mind. He said, “I never suppressed my feelings before, but I think I can talk about it now. Honestly, I was very nervous. I lost some weight because I had suffered an inner struggle.”

He never forgot to show his love toward his fans. While he was leaving his dorm for the rehearsal, he said, “I am going to repay my fans’ love by performing an awesome stage.”

In addition, about 500 fans were gathered in front of his dorm and shouted out for him. It proved his popularity in China. His fans sang ‘To Have You On This Road’, which sang by him during his previous performance from the program, and cheered for his upcoming competition. Moreover, they flew a banner by using a drone.

He said to his fans, “Thank you so much. I will show a great performance today. The reason why I could survive since the first episode is because of you guys. I will perform with my best effort until the last stage and show the stage that will meet your expectation.”

Meanwhile, on April 8, Hwang Chi Yeol will perform his last stage on Hunan TV ‘I Am a Singer Season 4’. (photo by NAVER V App capture)

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