Hwang Chi Yeol to Appear in a New Year’s Special Show in China


[by Kim Young Shin] Singer Hwang Chi Yeol, who rose to stardom in China right after his debut in the local show, was casted to the biggest special program for Chinese New Year.

Hwang will appear in ‘Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala Evening’ on February 2 at 8:20pm (local time).

‘Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala Evening’ is a 20-year-old show that airs on every Chinese New Year. It has a very high viewing rate because the most popular celebrities are casted each year. This year, IU, Cecilia Cheung, Jay Chou, Liu Wen and Tian Liang as well as Hwang Chi Yeol will appear in the program. Hwang and IU are the only Korean singers to be invited.

Hwang Chi Yeol will sing a Chinese song ‘Love Scale’ and perform BIGBANG’s ‘LIES’ with powerful dance moves.

The singer was a dark horse in the Chinese version of ‘I Am A Singer4’. He consecutively became the first runner-up for matches among top Chinese artists. He particularly drew attention with his nice appearance and his explosive voice.

He also appeared in ‘Day Day Up’, a popular variety talk show of Hunan TV, as a main guest and became a model for a Chinese online shop.

Meanwhile, Hwang Chi Yeol’s third match in ‘I Am A Singer4’ will air on January 29 at 10pm (local time). (photo by HOW Entertainment)

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