How to Look Perfect in Charming Long Skirts


[by Kim Min Soo] As a long skirt is rising as the newest trend, it is much loved by female stars.

Already female stars are attracting people’s attention by wearing a patterned long skirt based on gorgeous color. Especially, skirts are familiar with women, so that it is possessed by every woman. Even though it usually expresses the feminine beauty, its mood could be totally different depending on the coordination and styling.

A long skirt could have many different charms such as feminine, pure, and sexy beauty. Now, let’s learn about long skirt styling through actresses Ryu Hye Young, Song Ha Yoon, and Sulli.

#Ryu Hye Young

Actress Ryu Hye Young, who is overwhelming acting ability, has attracted the people attention, showed up at VIP preview of movie ‘The Mayor’. She fully showed her feminine charm in Megabox COEX in Seoul on April 24. Matching a pink-colored blouse with a white skirt, her romantic styling of the day fully expressed the sensitivity of spring.

[Editor Pick] A frill detail on the bottom of a skirt has a mysterious charm that makes the woman look more beautiful. If a basic T-shirt is matched with it instead of a blouse, a girlish sensitivity could be expressed. It can be even used for covering the chubby legs.

#Song Ha Yoon

Actress Song Ha Yoon, who expressed the perfect spring fashion, completed the official look while also showing her purity. In a fan autograph event held by a brand she was working as a model for, the combination of a blouse with cuffs and sky-blue skirt was great enough to make her look like a goddess. She even looked sexy when her shoulders were exposed.

[Editor Pick] A sky-blue skirt might be the best item to show the purity and cheerfulness. Owing to its refreshing or cheerful styling, it is one of the items loved by many women.


Meanwhile, actress Sulli showed a fascinating style with a sexy look. Participating in a brand event, she showed a sensational style with the ‘backless’ design, and also expressed her diverse charms by wearing a full skirt with the impressive stripe.

[Editor Pick] In fact, it is not easy to wear a real-way look showing the naked-back. In this case, it would be great to match it with a pleats skirt as an all-black-look. When a belt is added as a point to emphasize the waist silhouette, a long skirt styling could be easily made. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)