Henry Throws a Cooking Show at Home


[by Woorim Ahn] Henry showed off his cooking skills.

On the upcoming episode of MBC ‘I Live Alone’, Henry’s daily life on Lunar New Year will be aired.

During filming the episode, Henry, who is a Chinese Canadian, prepared for his meal after checking out all the restaurants are closed for the Lunar New Year. While he was cooking, he showed off his skills.

Thus, Henry confessed that he learned cooking from Chef Lee Yeon Bok 3-4 hours every day for several months. His confidence and pride for cooking reached the peak and the public aroused their curiosity for his skills.

Particularly, just like a student of Lee Yeon Bok, he smashed the garlics with the knife and showed fireshow with Chinese alcohol. Henry’s Lunar New Year day by himself will be checked out during the show.

Meanwhile, ‘I Live Alone’ airs on Fridays. (photo by MBC)

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