‘Hello’ teary-eyed mother, “My son broke the law…” [Hello, Counselor]


This must be the worst family case ‘Hello, Counselor’ has ever seen.

A teary mother comes up to ‘Hello, Counselor’ for her runaway son. He uses violence to his classmates to get what he wants. He even steals money from his mother to buy alcohol.

When the MCs ask him why he doesn’t want to live with his mother, he answers, “She doesn’t like it when I stay idle at home. She also told me to leave the house.”

The biggest problem here is that he broke the law several times. The mother adds sadly, “It’s not just a matter of paying back money. He uses other people’s names illegally. It’s a crime.” The son, however, tries to make an excuse that he thought he could pay back later since they’re his friends.

The true story behind this family is that both the mother and her son are victims of domestic violence exposure.

We really hope this family will go through the hard time!

[Hello, Counselor]

Showtime : Mon 11:00 | Re-run: Tue 05:30, 10:30, 18:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)