‘Hello’ KANG NAM, “Yes, I have dated many Korean girls.” [Hello, Counselor]


Kang Nam, Robin, Benji and Cao Lu readily talk to their foreign friends. Above all, they give ingenuous answers to all the guests’ questions.

When MC Dongyeop asks him how many girlfriends he’s had, he answers right away, “Many times.” Moreover, in an unguarded moment, Robin surprises everyone by saying that he has an experience of dating an idol girl group member.

Kang Nam and Robin seem to be worried about today’s guests with their whole heart. They willingly share their own thoughts and experiences with them.

Don’t miss out on this very meaningful time!

[Hello, Counselor]

Showtime : Mon 11:00 | Re-run: Tue 05:30, 10:30, 18:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)