Heechul and Hani to Leave ‘Weekly Idol’


[by Woorim Ahn] ‘Weekly Idol’ MC Heechul and Hani will leave.

For the upcoming episode of MBC every1 ‘Weekly Idol’, MC Heechul and Hani that became the great substitute MCs of Jung Hyung Don will say goodbye to the audiences.

Last six months, the two people showed off their perfect chemistry as they were called as ‘Hee Siblings’ and gave audiences a big laughter with polite and diligent attitudes.

Hani said, “I’m so glad that Hyung Don is coming back. I made lots of friends during this show, so it’s much appreciated.” Heechul also added, “I want Hyung Don to lead this show without being sick” and left a cheering message.

Meanwhile, ‘Hee Siblings’ last episode will air on September 28 at 6pm KST. (photo by MBC every1)

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